Icumsa 45 Sugar Brazil Origin

Chemical Specifications:

  • ICUMSA Level: ICUMSA 45 (ICUMSA – International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis – measures the purity of sugar, with lower values indicating higher purity.)
  • Sucrose Content (%): Typically 99.9% pure sucrose
  • Moisture Content (% max): Usually less than 0.1%
  • Granulation: Fine crystal size, uniformity in particle size for optimal dissolving properties
  • Color: Pure white color, indicating superior refinement

Consumer Packaging:

  • Retail Packs: Offered in consumer-friendly sizes like 1kg, 2kg, and 5kg packs, suitable for household use.
  • Resealable Bags: Convenient and designed to maintain freshness for everyday use.

Bulk Packaging:

  • Larger Quantities: Available in bulk sizes of 25kg or 50kg bags, ideal for commercial kitchens, bakeries, and food manufacturers.
  • Robust Bags: Designed for easy handling and efficient storage in larger-scale culinary operations.

Additional Information:

  • Shelf Life: Long shelf life when stored in proper conditions, retaining quality and taste over time.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for sweetening beverages, baking, cooking, and diverse culinary applications, ensuring consistent quality in various recipes.

Unveiling Brazilian Excellence in Every Granule

Introducing Our ICUMSA 45 Sugar – Your Premium Sweetness Solution

At Sapat Vegetable Oil Co.,Ltd, we take pride in presenting our esteemed clients with the epitome of sweetness: ICUMSA 45 Sugar, meticulously sourced and refined from the sun-kissed fields of Brazil. As a trusted supplier of premium sugar, we offer more than just sweetness; we offer a promise of quality, consistency, and the essence of Brazilian sugarcane in every crystalline granule.

Key Selling Points:

1. Uncompromised Quality:

  • ICUMSA 45 Certified: Our sugar adheres to the rigorous ICUMSA standards, ensuring the highest levels of purity, immaculate whiteness, and granular uniformity.
  • State-of-the-Art Refinement: Employing cutting-edge refining processes, we deliver sugar of pristine quality, meeting and exceeding international benchmarks.

2. Taste of Excellence:

  • Distinct Taste Profile: Experience the signature sweetness and neutral taste, ideal for enhancing a wide array of culinary creations with consistent, premium quality.
  • Effortless Dissolvability: Our sugar seamlessly dissolves, ensuring even sweetness in beverages, confectioneries, and baked goods.

3. Brazilian Heritage:

  • Sourced from Brazil: Directly sourced from Brazil’s fertile sugarcane plantations, our sugar encapsulates the essence of Brazilian terroir, delivering unrivaled authenticity.
  • Traceability and Trust: Each granule represents our commitment to quality and the rich heritage of Brazilian sugarcane, ensuring traceability and trust in our supply chain.

4. Culinary Versatility:

  • Perfect for Diverse Applications: Whether used in households, bakeries, or food production units, our ICUMSA 45 Sugar elevates recipes, promising consistency and excellence.
  • Commercial-Friendly: Tailored for use in bulk, catering to commercial kitchens and food processing industries with unwavering quality.

5. Reliable Partnership:

  • Supplier You Can Rely On: Partner with a supplier dedicated to delivering excellence, reliability, and timely deliveries, fostering enduring partnerships based on trust and satisfaction.


At Sapat , our ICUMSA 45 Sugar isn’t just a product; it’s our commitment to delivering sweetness of unmatched quality, sourced from the heart of Brazil’s sugarcane fields to your esteemed clientele.