Arborio Rice


  • Variety: Arborio Rice (Oryza sativa var. Arborio)
  • Grain Size: Medium to short grains with a plump, rounded shape and a distinct pearly appearance.
  • Texture: Known for its unique ability to absorb liquids while retaining a firm exterior, resulting in a creamy, tender interior upon cooking.
  • Cooking Qualities: Renowned for creating creamy and sumptuous risotto dishes by releasing starch while absorbing flavors.
  • Versatility: Beyond risotto, it’s a versatile ingredient suitable for various gourmet dishes, enhancing texture and taste profiles.

Chemical Specifications:

  • Moisture Content: Maintained within optimal levels, typically not exceeding 14%, ensuring freshness and quality preservation.
  • Purity: Rigorous quality checks to ensure superior quality, free from impurities and foreign matter.
  • Uniformity: Consistent grain size and appearance guaranteeing uniform cooking results.
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As a leading wholesaler of premium culinary ingredients, we take pride in offering Arborio rice, an esteemed staple in Italian cuisine revered for its exceptional quality and versatility. Sourced from renowned producers, our Arborio rice is the epitome of excellence, designed to elevate culinary experiences and cater to the demands of esteemed chefs and food establishments.

Packaging Options:

  • Bulk Packaging: Available in bulk quantities tailored for wholesale, in 25 kg to 50 kg sacks, ideal for restaurants, hotels, and culinary institutions.
  • Customization: Tailored packaging solutions are available based on client requirements, including private labeling and customized bag sizes.

Export Readiness:

  • Our Arborio rice meets stringent international quality standards, making it an ideal choice for export markets.
  • Customized packaging and labeling options can be adjusted to comply with specific import regulations and diverse market preferences.